Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be one very discouraging physical problem for both partners in a relationship. Not being able to achieve (or maintain) an erection while still feeling sexual desire is overwhelmingly frustrating and can strain even the most loving relationships. ED has both medical and psychological causes, and is often a mix of both.

Because medical issues are often at the core of this disorder, we highly encourage clients to first get a full physical and clearance to try hypnosis to address the psychological causes.

In a sense, erections begin in the brain, and ED can be directly related to these and other causes.

Other Causes

  1. A past negative sexual experience
  2. Feelings of shame about sex
  3. A lack of intimacy with a partner
  4. High levels of stress that have nothing to do with sex at all
  5. Recalling one episode of ED can contribute to future episodes.

Hypnotherapy can address the purely psychological part of the problem and contribute significantly to the treatment of ED.

Hypnotherapy solutions

A qualified hypnotherapist can recommend exercises you can practice on your own and work to remove the fear and stress that are causing you the increased anxiety.

Sometimes, emotionally damaging past experiences can be released with hypnotherapy. Regressing to the experience and releasing it is a benefit of the session. The brain does not know the difference between reality and imagination, so in hypnosis we are able to imagine things differently.”

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