Stress is the most common trigger of trichotillomania and Hypnosis can be used to identify the stressors in patients’ lives, even in their subconscious.

Another triggers of trichotillomania can be a certain location, such as school or lying in bed. For example, a patient may have found school to be a stressful environment and started pulling his hair there to calm himself. After that, he always pulled his hair at school, even when he was not stressed. Hypnosis can be used to disrupt the association of a location with the need to pull hair.

Since hair pulling can be very soothing for some patients, it is important to teach them another way of self-soothing before asking them to stop their hair pulling.

Hypnosis can help trigger a relaxation response to help patients better cope with their stress. The relaxation can be achieved when patients learn how to use hypnosis to shift their mindset to a calmer state quickly.

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